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Alex's Reel to Reels

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Crestwood "Deck"

No Speaker

Pentron 1952

RCA Mid 50's

Wilcox Gay 4A10

Tape Master Deck

No Speaker

Webcor late 50's



         All Tube Type Recorders

 Most Reel to Reels purchased from on line auctions.

These reel to reels represent the best of the Hi-Fi recorders, made in America..

Most of the American company's making them went out of business in the 70's due to foreign competition.

Reel to Reel's with tags checked out and record and play

All mfg between 1950 - 1960 Some are labeled Hi-Fi.  Some will play Stereo tapes. Staggered or Stacked.

   50 years old and still running!!

I have 3-1/2 walls of recorders on display.  Most play and record.

.......Check out the reel to reel videos on each page.........

Note: Most reel to reels loaded the tape from left to right....Some, like Pentron, Crescent, and DuKane loaded right to left?

Just a decision on the part of the manufacturer.  No advantage either way.

Tape speed standard from the beginning.....3-3/4 & 7-1/2 ips. Some recorders single speed.  Most dual speed.  7-1/2 good for music.  3-3/4 good for speech and tape economy.

RR-Video Click on Pix

A few of my recorders on display at home. Often play tapes on them .

VM Model 733, on arrival

Service on the bench

             Finished Reel to Reel


Hi - Fi "3-speaker" Pentron 1958

Surprise!  it came in the original box.


My latest R-R Adventure

1951 Pentron 9T3 in repair    (300-volts in that R-R)

The Restored R-R

Running again, "Just like new!"



My Present R-R "Recorder"

       Most of my recorders look like they have never been used.  NOT THIS ONE!  This R-R sort of talked to me. When I cleaned it there were lots of "Bits" of recording tape in it.  The heads had wear on them.  I got to thinking....who ever owned this machine loved it.....used it a lot. I got to thinking, I would like to continue the "Fun" with it too.  So it became my main recording Reel to Reel. It works well and sounds great.




Wilcox Gay 2A-10-B 1952

It looks great - Works great

"Out of the Box"



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