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                       A hot home entertainment item for 1950.....Copy tape to disk or disk to tape.

Technical:  Disk recorder: 78-RPM Recording Time 4 minutes per side. R-R 3-3/4 ips 1/2 track.  Recording time 30 min per side ....Manufacturer: Wilcox-Gay Corp., Charlotte, MI.  Model 3Axxx   The cost around $200. 1950 dollars.    

                                                               Paper (back) Recording tape                 Home recording disk

          Let's not forget the one of the most impressive components of the 50's recorder 

    The Microphone 

                   This is typical of the hand held crystal microphones supplied with your recorder.  The microphone was the device used to create  the audio memories and fun.  We concealed the microphone and engaged others in conversation, and played it back.  Often the first time people heard their own recorded voices.   The comment was, "Do I Sound Like That?" We recorded everything, just like we take pictures today with our video recorders.  These reel to reels were our hi-tech recording devices of the day.

           My Mike Mixers from the 1950ís                       My 1952 Reel to Reel's


       Pentron Mike Mixer          Mix 3 from Olson Radio           Eicor model 15              Wilcox Gay 2A10
    Featuring 12AX7 tubes             Passive....New in 1953                      My First Reel to Reel's in  1952

                          The "Big and "Little" of Webcor                                                       A great way to enjoy your Reel to Reel !

        Crescent 1954

Sears 1956

"Itty bitty" tube tester......Olson Radio Warehouse!

The "Big" & "Little" of my tube testers

A Webcor R-R AM Radio

Record & Play your R-R into the radio



              Balk Tape Eraser.......Very important to completely erase a tape




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