I am not a collector of antique radios.  As you can see, I have somehow accumulated a few.  ENJOY seeing them again.

I recall repairing some of these radios when I was in high school to earn "Gas" money. (At $0.27/gallon)

I considered doing an "Old Radio Video," but then, how do you do a video of a radio?


GE AM "Space" Radio

GE Tube AM-FM Clock Radio

I understand you are an old timer if you remember putting the portable batteries in the oven to extend their life!

A couple of old timer, in good working condition!


tube type AM Clock Radio

  GE Tube AM/FM (top)   SCA 92-khz sub-carrier (bottom)


                Great Zenith AM-FM Tube Radio

                                                     1950,s "Boom" Box,  only 4-lbs with batteries!

Top Radio: GE " Musiphonic" AM-FM / Bottom FM SCA 92-khz sub-carrier receiver


                        Great Old Emerson AM from the early 40's.........Metal Tubes!

                                  Same Radio, in it's case and playing like new.


                          A great and popular Emerson AM from the late 40's                                                                           Model 574  In good playing condition


                          The "Affordable " AM/FM from the late 50's and 60's

                                  and in the 60"s a "Real"  (mono)  FM tuner

When Radio Was

Antique Radio Net

Houston Vintage Radio

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