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In the 50's we recorded  everything!  Sort of what we do with our cam corders today. We had fun with them. We recorded people talking and let them hear themselves for the first time.  Mostly they would say, "I sound like that?" They were great for recording weddings, your collection or phono records, your children's first words, you name it....we recorded the sound!

We would get to gather with a friend who owned a reel to reel and make tape copies.

Cost of a 50's reel to reel? Around $200.  May not sound like much today.....but, new automobiles cost around $2,000.  You figure out the ratio for the $200 value today.

Tape Cost? $1.49 to $1.99 depending on your preference of "Paper" back or "Plastic" backed tape..  In the early 50's we could choose paper backed recording tape. The paper backed tape recorded ok, but broke easily and often.  See the Olson Radio ad on the "Links" Page.

Revere T-1000

Tape Master

Revere T-3000


Tube Tester


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Ampex Tape



Restoring your reel to reel:

Parts are available.  Tubes, capacitors available on the web. Do a search. Tube testers available on ebay.  I am constantly learning how to "Come up with parts" for these machines.  I found tubes and capacitors by doing web searches.

Reel to Reel tape still a web search.

You can always buy an "Ugly Duckling" from Ebay for parts. A similar recorder that is an obvious parts machine.  The auction may go for $1.00, but the shipping will be $30. or more.

Warning!  Do not attempt to open and try to service your old reel to reel unless you are qualified and experienced at servicing tube type high voltage equipment.  300-volts or more in that reel to reel box.

An interesting fact about those old reel to reels on auction....Often the microphone's  missing!  Check out microphones on ebay....they often bring as much, or more, than the reel to reel.

Some of these 50 year old recorders appear to have been used very little.  I bought a Echo Tape unit at auction and when it arrived it looked like it had just arrived from the store.  A little cleaning and lubing and it is back in service. Like new!

I am constantly amazed at how good these recorders sound.  Tube amps  sound great!

I did not realize that most of the Voice Of Music recorders contained two speakers and a cross over network.  Their 50's advertising stated 20-20,000 hz audio response.  With a mid range and a tweeter speaker in the box they still sound great.  Of course you can connect them to your present stereo system to get the best sound.

my disclaimer

I don't consider my self an expert on the reel to reels on these pages.  This is my personal  web site to share my  appreciation for these fine recorders, and the fine people who built them.

Should you have questions or comments you would like to pass along, a link to my email is on this page.

I would like to invite all who were involved in manufacture or sales of these Recorders to email me with story's about their work.

Thanks for stopping by and spending some time. Stop by soon.....more Pictures & more Videos to come.

Check the date on the first page.  I will change when I install new pictures.


Not another R-R Video!!!

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Bonus R-R Video

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     This little Webcor, Perhaps one of the last models.  Transistorized!

A Typical R-R of early 50's

                                                                                              It's a "Bell" Reel to Reel

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